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So I have been running my phenom ii 920 at 3639mhz (260x14).
It was fine for over 2 months, until the weather started heating up. Tonight I was gaming and my screen went black. (I could still hear people talking on vent) Then my computer finally restarted.

This is what happened when I was overclocking, I would be able to run prime 95 overnight, and occt for 2 hours. Yet, when I was gaming I would get a black screen and reboot. (I finally found 3.6ghz to be my cap, it would pass stress tests and went 2months without resetting)

So when it happened last night I quickly reset back to stock settings assuming it was my overclock, it reset again within 15 mins. So I pulled the side of my case off, grabbed a can of air and de-dusted and was fine for the rest of the night.

Now I am trying to figure this out. I am afraid that my stress testing means nothing, I can't recreate the problem. I have done tons of reading on forums, and have overclocked other cpu's no problem. Having problems now that my house got warmer(and the dust) makes me think it's a heat problem. I don't see a heat problem when I load out my cores. 51C right now underload. (My ambient is cooler right now)

Any help would be appreciated.

My setup
amd phenom ii 920 (1820 NB and HT)
Noctua NH-U12P CPU Cooler (push pull)
Antec 600 case (200mm exhaust fan on top, +3 120mm intakes)