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I am attempting to finish my first build and I've hit an annoying snag. During POST, my mobo beeps when the status lights hit the boot device LED and it stays on. My mobo recognizes my DVD writer and my SSD as potential boot devices. I was able to install WIN7 PRO on my SSD and everything seems to be working fine (other than a CPU temperature of 60 degrees C, but that's another story). Any suggestions?

Oh, and I can't seem to find the quick boot option in my bios so that I can bypass POST. Would anyone know where that is?


UEFI BIOS, version 0221
Asus z68 pro mobo
i7 2600k
mushkin callisto 60 gb ssd
ocz 750w fatality psu
ASUS DVD writer
16 GB corsair vengeance ram