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So the general consensus here seems to be
1)Go water now, get more OC out of my 420
2)upgrade to sandy-E when it's released
3)possibly buy bigger SSD / RAID SSD's?

I would really like to get a higher stable OC out of my 920, I can only seem to get it to 3.6 stable but I'd love to join the 4.0+ club.

What are the best SSD's out right now (that don't cost thousands, preferably?). I know my Intel SSD was top of the line when I bought it but that was awhile ago.

Also, anyone have any GPU suggestions? I love my 5850's but crossfire issues bug me. Doesn't the GTX 580 perform similarly to 5850 CF but without the CF issues? If so maybe that's what I could upgrade to.

Thanks, all! Keep 'em coming. smile.gif