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My first card was a HIS HD 4670 ICEQ Turbo 512MB DDR3. I noticed AMD PowerPlay™ would set the card to 165MHz clock and 250MHz memory at .9V when idling in 2d mode(Windows desktop)

I bought a HIS HD 4670 1GB and noticed that this card only downclocked (different BIOS) to 600MHz clock and 700MHz memory @ 1.2V. SO... this card idles at a higher temp obviously. I have used Radeon BIOS Editor to modify the BIOS of my 1GB card so it idles at 175MHz core and 200MHz memory @ 0.9V and watched the temps drop by more than 5C when the card idles. cool.gif

Windows starts fine and everything works apparently. I was looking for input or anyone with experience to "chip" in and tell me if this sounds right or what I could do better. Maybe I should set the card to idle at 165MHz clock and 250MHz memory at .9V like the Turbo version.... Any thoughts?