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5850 Duel monitor Graphic error+hang ups

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Hey all.

I'm currently running duel 5850's on Crossfire. I've got the latest ATI drivers including all the catalyst updates. Today I got the new desk I was waiting for. So once I assembled it, I set forth hooking up my 2nd and third additional monitors. Once I started the system back up everything worked great. But soon as I open any program I get weird graphical corruption. Sorta like if your card is over stressed during a Benchmark.

I'm using MSI Afterburner latest edition, and I've got my cards sitting at V1087, Core clock 755, memory 1055. Can't change shader so it's card default. During the issues I'm not even reading 5% GPU usage on either card, and both sitting at a cool 30c.

In addition to this issue, my web browsers now lock up for a few seconds at a time, then go on, but if I mess with them before they fully load they cause it to stop responding.

Any idea's? I just can't seem to figure it out. When I turn off the extra monitors the corruption stops, but web browser won't work well.

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Have you tried each card individually? It's usually the first thing you should do if CF isn't working properly.
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Hi, as ^ he said it would be a good idea to test each of the graphics cards individually as the issue may be with just one of them. Also, when testing them alone, also test each of your monitors individually and in different combinations.

Harry @ Videocardshop.
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