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So I decided to get a new CPU, and read that I might need to flash my bios, since checking the asus site to see if the cpu I picked was compatible and it was, but needs version 1401, and mine is quite lower than that, I believe it is 1002, or something, it was a bit hard to read. Do I really need to flash the BIOS? I read that it can be pretty dangerous and I am not really that good with things like that. I can handle replacing the parts pretty easily, but not too good the rest. I have only really ever installed a new graphics card and my friend helped me build my computer a few years ago and he did most of the work.

If I do need to flash it, can someone post a simple and easy way to do so that a complete newbie can understand and make it work? And should I do this before or after installing the new cpu? Also looked at Asus update and it doesn't seem to want to connect to the internet, and when I download the bios file from asus and try update from a file option, it does not work for some reason. I unzipped the file using 7-zip, and it comes out as a bin file for VLC for some odd reason, not sure how to fix this problem. I read that I need a rom file, but all there is the bin file that does nothing. I tried getting winrar and win zip to see if it changes anything and I am stuck.
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