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This is a video explaining the difference between the DDC1, DDC2, DDC3.1 DDC3.2, and MCP35X pump is. I hope to get my hands on a stock DDC2 pump along with a DDC3.25 pump so that every DDC pump is compared other than the DDC1VC which is the G5 model. If a DDC1VC comes along though I won't say no.

Please note that the video doesn't go into all of the different PCB board revisions throughout the pumps as it would be impossible to gather that much data without a ridiculous amount of pumps and work. The DDC3.25 (PMP-400) has the exact same impeller and o-ring as the MCP35X pump. Also, it seems that adding a tach to the DDC1 is possible. I will add additional information once I get my hand on it.

If anyone has a functional stock DDC2 to sell please PM me. This is a hard one to find and I will need it for the testing.

If anyone has any questions or comments as always lets have it.
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