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PowerTrip's recommendation is way too much. I could see how the processor or such would make sense, but the GPU.... really? No benefit unless they game. Just consumes more power. Much rather they use an 880G board and stop there, since 1080p is not really going anywhere as a standard for now.

My recommendation for $600-700:
Phenom II x4 840 + Biostar 880G - $163 shipped
G.skill Ripjaws X 2x2GB DDR3-1600 - $40 shipped after promo [see link]
Pixxo SFF + 450W power supply - $28 + $11 shipping [Meritline]
Intel 320 series 40GB solid state drive - $85 shipped after promo
Samsung F4 2TB HDD - $75 shipped [Mwave]
LG 24X DVD burner - $20 shipped
Newegg $10 off new customer coupon - $10 off

I've decided to focus more on quality, HDD space, and whatever may really bring benefit to your parents, while utilising the available budget. I included an inexpensive SSD because I am sure your parents would thoroughly enjoy the faster boot times and response, though this is entirely up to you. Great, fast quad core CPU with 880G HD capable graphics and a decent kit of 4GB RAM that should drive it all, massive HDD space, SSD... and the total cost is...
$422 accounting for all shipping costs

wow, the price of this fell way below what I was expecting...

NOTE 1: If you can't find any decent place to mount your SSD in this small case... not an issue. No moving parts, so place it anywhere.
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