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I was able to fix this problem, thought i'd give some input for anyone else who might stumble across this thread searching for answers.

Firstly, I deleted and reinstalled all of my bluetooth programs/drivers completely through asus. None of this worked whatsoever.

I then ran services/msc to find out my bluetooth services were turned off. Fixed that and still nothing, but a good place to start.

After reading more into the thread, the program motioninjoy was mentioned, I installed this a long long time ago and had since forgotten about it. No longer needing it I just uninstalled the program. But what fixed my whole problem was right after I deleted the "Motioninjoy virtual input device for windows" Driver. As soon as I did that and scanned for hardware changes my computer started downloading new drivers, which turned out to be the bluetooth drivers I was missing, because everything worked correctly after that.

Hopefully this will help at least 1 more person like me google searching forever get this problem solved. biggrin.gif
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For me, it's not a joystick but rather the logitech C615 webcam... after several days of eliminating hardware or programs...

Anyways, I`ve tried all of the above and still nothing happened... Anyone care to please give me a suggestion?
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try this... im using win 7 (64) and using the older BT drivers (ASUS P8P67-M PRO driver v7.2.0.65.)

Start > Control Panel > Network and Internet > Network Connections > Bluetooth Network Connection.

Right Click > Properties > Bluetooth Tab > Bluetooth Setting.

Tick the first box.

Now go COM port Tab > Add > Incoming (Let windows install a driver (Standard Serial over ... link)) Apply and OK.

Now go Start > Device and Printers > Add Device

You should be able to see your device now. Click it and Next. Compare the pinpass and click 'Pair' or 'Next" on each device. Note: If your pairing a device without a screen for the pinpass; after the above step, you need to right click the BT icon in the system tray and click 'Allow a device to connect'. Im not sure if you need to add another COM port for another device.

Let it do all the windows installs and you should be done.

Hope this helps.
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