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Recommend a netbook or ultraportable?

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Hello. I am looking for a netbook or ultraportable laptop. I have researched the products available, but I can't seem to find something that meets my needs. Any help would be appreciated.

MOST IMPORTANT: Under 20mm thick (prefer 17mm or less), around 1kg weight, 1366x768 or 1280x800. Prefer AMD E-350 or C-50 chipset.

What is your maximum budget?

What country are you in?

What will be the uses of this laptop?
web browsing & email, watching movies (720p HD), occasional software development / server administration, socializing

Do you have brand loyalty or care which brands we select for you?
No, but I doubt Apple products will meet my other conditions and I won't be running a Microsoft OS.

What screen size do you require?
10in. to 12in.

What screen resolution do you require?
1366x768, 1280x800, or higher

Are you looking to buy NEW or would refurbished/recertified/used be okay?
New or refurbished

How long should the battery last? (Under optimal conditions, no movies/games/heavy internet)
6 hours or more. I want to be able to use the laptop without any cables plugged in and then charge it overnight like my phone.

What games would you like to play with your laptop? And on what settings?
No games.

What operating system do you need? (if any)
Probably some form of Linux (Ubuntu Netbook maybe?). Android Honeycomb didn't cut it for me. Windows and iOS are too proprietary for my taste.

Is there a certain style of laptop you want? (aluminum, black, gaming, etc.)
Slim and light. Aluminum is a nice touch but I've only seen this on MacBooks.

How much hard drive space do you need?
32GB - minimal. All files are stored elsewhere.

Do you need any special hardware? (blue ray, webcam, specialty ports, etc.)
No. Bluetooth would be nice.

Is there anything else we need to know?
I mainly want something thin, light, and inexpensive. I don't need a lot of power for this device. I tried an ASUS Transformer Android tablet. The form factor was perfect, but it lacked the flexibility that I like (I don't want to have to jailbreak my device and void the warranty to do what I want). Also, I am sad to say that the lack of apps and maturity on the platform were very limiting for me. I like the size and design of the MacBook Air, but it is too expensive and overkill for what I need. Also, I would prefer to use Linux.

I also looked at the ASUS Eee PCs. They look nice, but they are much thicker than the MacBook Air - and even thicker than my current Lenovo T61. They use a conventional HD while I would prefer an SSD for speed and to save power, weight, and space. Did I miss something?

If the ASUS Transformer (with keyboard dock) was able to run Linux (not locked down with Android/Linux), it probably would have worked well for me. I did enjoy the size and the touchscreen. I didn't always need the keyboard.

Lastly, I like the new AMD Fusion mobile platform like the C-50 and E-350. A dual core would be preferred. However, I would consider others as well.

Any ideas? Thanks guys!
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Im assuming you want to get this for as cheap as possible yes?
your specifications could be had for much, much less than 500$
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Originally Posted by Hobybobag View Post
Im assuming you want to get this for as cheap as possible yes?
your specifications could be had for much, much less than 500$
Yes, my thoughts exactly! I'm not looking for anything super powerful or with a lot of bells and whistles. I just can't find a product that fits.
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I'm not sure exactly how much is too heavy, but this one is pretty light.
The cpu should be plenty powerful for anything you need to do in Linux, the hard drive is a bit lacking, but if your budget is 500$ you could easily put in a bigger, faster one if you wanted. Since you won't be gaming the onboard video will be fine, not to mention it will save battery life. The D600s usually have a pretty good battery life (maybe not 6 hours..) but you could make it last a pretty long time by changing the screen brightness.
The cheapest laptop with an SSD was in the 500s, and the cheapest one that had bluetooth was 470, but you can always buy a usb bluetooth adapter if you want.

If that ones no good let me know and I'll try to find one thats more suited to your needs
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Thanks for the suggestion, but that DELL Latitude D630 is twice as heavy and twice as thick as I'm looking for. I'm trying to find something around 1kg and less than 20mm thick (similar to Macbook Air form or smaller). Long battery life with a mobile chipset is preferred.
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Actually, ignore all that, this one is perfect for 70$ more

its still not quite as thin as you want, but its a good bit lighter and has much better hardware

ill see if i can find one as thin and light as you want, but be ready for it to be very pricey
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I really appreciate your help, but I'm not sure you're getting what I'm after. Take a look at the Eee PC 1215B. That would be perfect if it was half the thickness, and I'd prefer flash storage (which you'd probably need in order to achieve a slimmer form factor).
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I get what you're after... I just cant find anything in that price range for that thickness and weight..
This would be perfect if it were 700$ less right?
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How about those ASUS netbooks that have 12-13 hours of battery life? They are under $400 and have a 10.1 inch screen. They run on dual-core Atom CPU's and have an integrated GPU, which kind of sucks for gaming. However, I managed to run the original Starcraft and AoE2 on them perfectly, as well as Maplestory and Runescape, so a few games do work.
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why didnt i think of a netbook..?
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