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I was considering that board with some Enzotec copper heatsinks for the mosfets. I just don't know if it will be enough to get the overclock I want. I've heard that board cannot do the turbo 3.6 ghz without hitting a safety trigger where the multiplier drops to 8x.

I don't know how well these thermal taped heat sinks work. I see no real way to actively cool the mosfets either. Atleast with the biostar or MSI 890's you can rig a fan to the heatsink to actively cool the mosfets.

I'm really stuck. I've considering selling my 1090T for a loss and buying a Gene and intel i7 2600k.

AMD needs to shape up. All these mobo companies just produce crap mobos for AMD. There is no mATX market for AMD. They create cpu chips that have no proper mATX board to run on. It is a joke.