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Graphics card fan connector

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Hi, apparently in my drunken haze one day, I decided to snip off the fan connector on my 5870's stock cooler. Luckily, I have an Icy Vision so it'll run if necessary, but I'd like to replace the missing connector and some point. Anyone know what the part is called and/or where I can buy one? I would need the housing and the pins.

In case there's any confusion, here's the connector on my Icy Vision


Thanks smile.gif
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I imagine you can use the fan connector of Icy Vision as a guide? If that connector can be plugged into your 5870, then look for another one.

See the 2 links below showing the fan connector of stock 5870 cooler.

It is a 4-pin one but it is not ordinary one. Simply mod a common 4-pin connector by shaving will not work because the distance between pins is different.

One solution is to get Gelid's VGA cooler fan cable (see pic below). Then, just snip off the connector (the white connector in the pic) and use it to the 4 wires of your 5870 stock fan.

I hope this helps.
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Thanks to you both. I'll probably try wildfire's first, but if it doesn't work, I'll go with Digi-Key. Thanks again, +rep all around.
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