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Suggestions for a used SSD?

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Hey all. Glad to say I can finally be a proud SSD owner ^.^

I purchased a Imation M-Class 128GB SSD from CraigsList. Supposedly lightly used (for an HTPC).

I plan to follow the stickied thread "Tutorials: Real world Windows 7 SSD tweaks and optimization" to setup and optimize the SSD. But I was wondering if there's anything I should do before following the tips in that guide?

I dont know what the previous owner used/did to wipe the drive, it is currently in NTFS format with 120GB free/no used space. Wondering if I should perform a low level format or some such (zero-fill, etc?) EDIT: after doing some reading, for SSDs, I think this would be a Secure Erase?

Would the easiest/cleanest way would be to simply do a clean install of windows 7 onto the SSD?

I skimmed through the guide "How to: Setup SSD boot drive with secondary Hard disc optimization". Seems that that guide is moreso for smaller SSDs and wouldn't necessarily apply to mine? There will only be 1 user on my computer, and I was planning on setting the various libraries on my HDD (Pictures, Videos, Music, etc) - though that's hardly something that requires more than a few clicks.
Also in that guide, the author mentioned that junctions can lead to file corruption. How accurate is this? The guide with tips suggests making a junction for a few files (MSOCache, Windows\\Installer, SwSetup).

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Did I form my questions badly or something?
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