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The heck am I reading?

Back to serious land . . . That 6970 is a great card but go with the MSI over XFX, everyone seems to have an XFX customer service horror story. Also if you want bang for your buck a 6950 or 2x 6870 are better value for performance. The 6970 only gives you a few more fps at the cost of more heat. The 560ti and 570 are great as well, and might perform better for single screen (they fall behind at multi-monitor res). Any of these should run Crysis 2 no problem.

I'm not crazy about that case either. I'd recommend something like the NZXT Phantom, SilverStone Raven 2, or CoolerMaster HAF 932 if you're looking for a full tower.
Thank-you! You seemed to figure out exactly what I was uneasy about. That cooler master 932 looks like a blowing machine! *insert Pamela Anderson joke here* Definitely going with it. As for the card, I heard XFX has a lifetime replacement warranty. That at-least gives me the piece of mind that if something goes down (knowing my luck 2 days after the 1 year warranty is up) I can just get it replaced.