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Originally Posted by hella View Post
The red kinzu uses an auto-quality paint and it really feels nice to the touch. While it's slick it does NOT attract grime like the white version or the sides of a deathadder. It's really has a quality feel to it.

The white kinzu uses the standard, slick plastic. Think of the surface on the MX518 or the sides of the deathadder. IMO, in terms of feel I'd rank the Kinzus:


YMMV, some may like the rubberized feel over the feel of the red kinzu.
Ah, I figured it would be something like this. Thanks for the feedback hella.
I'm not really worried about the grime, I just think a slick surface would slip with sweat.
Really is too bad, a unique colour and upgraded switches sounded nice.

EDIT: After digging a little deeper, the white version does not have the upgraded switches. I'll just stick with retail w/o the glossy surface.
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Originally Posted by Swaggerfeld View Post
I am thinking about picking up 6 x Kinzu for a batch of KinzuAdders directly from SS with their 30% off deal on during this weekend's PAX.. However, I am only able to select the colour as white?

Doing some research, it appears the white version is a "Pro Edition" with upgraded D2F-01F switches that I was planning on swapping to anyhow.. But I am not sure about the glossy body surface.

Does anyone own the red or white versions of the Kinzu? How does the glossy coating compare what looks to be rough, texturized coating of the black version? I would contact their support but they're closed on the weekend and the sale will be finished by then.

Although it would be nice to have a limited edition colour for the KinzuAdders, I'm not interested if the glossy surface is worse for grip (which is my guess).

Go with Red version, looks much cooler anyway.
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