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i7-960 First Build - Need Assistance

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This is actually my first build and the first time I am really getting into overclock.net

Thinking about overclocking to 4ghz or as close to 4 as I can get with it being stable. I never overclocked before and know very little. Really could use someone that is willing to help walk me through it.

EVGA 1366 SLI 3

i7-960 Bloomfield

Processor Cooling:
H-60 Liquid Cooling

(Thinking I should of getting 1600mhz - Maybe future update?)

Power Supply:
Thermaltake TR2 RX 750W Bronze

May pick up a cleaner and some new thermal paste to assure that I have a clean connection. But the Core temps idle in the high 20's and under load range in the 60's.

Can someone be so kind as to help me out with a first time OC?
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I'll help

BTW your temps are fine.
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Ok so first of all you need to get some good monitoring software.
Download these to begin with, if you have already good.
http://www.techpowerup.com/realtemp/ <-CPU temp only but very accurate
http://www.cpuid.com/softwares/hwmonitor.html <-System temps including CPU and mobo and so on.
http://www.cpuid.com/softwares/cpu-z.html <- CPU voltage and frequency monitor...also other mobo ram stuff.

Also you need stabilty testing software.
Download this: http://www.softpedia.com/get/System/...BurnTest.shtml
It is one of the quickest ways to see if your O.C. is stable.

And you may want to download cinebench to see what the before and after performance is.

Set your voltages and all in the bios to auto. Set your ram timmings, frequency, and voltage to spec also.

Ok once all that is downloaded and installed you need to note down your stock temps at idle and load. Also note what your voltages are.

Open up CPU-z, hw monitor, and realtemp.
Then take a screen shot of them when at idle.

Open up Intel burn test and run it on 8 threads and max ram for 5 runs and take a screen shot of everything again before the last run.

Now O.C.
Enable manual.
Then set your multiplier to 25 and fsb to 160.
Have voltage set to offset. Leave on auto. You may need to set your voltage to a set amount if your mobo gives too much vcore, check it in cpu-z when booted up.

Run intel burn test and make sure your temps are under 80-85 and your good.

This is a lot of info i know, but if you have any questions regarding anything let me know and i hope this helps.
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I downloaded everything a took screen shots os my system idle and underload

I think everything is set to auto, but I will now go and double check.

Ran Cinebench and got

OpenGL 41.97 fps
CPU 5.63 pts

The underload temps were already in the 80s I believe. Wondering it that is normal for not having it overclocked...

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Yor volts are fine, but your temps are really high at idle and load...try to reset the heat sink...do you have more thermal paste?

Also fill this out http://www.overclock.net/specs.php
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No more thermal paste.

What actually happened was I put the stock one on forgetting to instal the
h-60 then took it off and put the h-60 right on without removing any thermal paste.. so I am guessing I got a double layer on, which is causing my heating issue?

I guess before I begin I should order some. Take it off clean it and the put it back on and recheck my numbers?
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Yeah...just go pick up some Artic silver 5 from radioshack...or go to compusa or somthing. Put the h60 on now anyways and see what you temps are though just to see.
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The h60 was on when I ran the test.. When I first put it together 3 weeks ago I put the stoc on first then realized I was dumb. Took it off and without cleaning it put the h60 on. After acouple problem I took the whole thing part and then reassembled it without cleaning or adding more paste.
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Oh ok then. Get back to me when you get some good thermal paste lol...if you order it i suggest mx-4.
Also clean it with alcohol and coffee filters, also this is how to apply tim if you didn't know

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and then just apply the h-60 on top?
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