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Do you mean the fans of the noctua, if that's the case that nd14 can really kill my wallet, i mean that thing is already 90 bucks.
no sorry, the D14 fans are pretty quiet but the corsair stock fans are loud and crappy

One more thing I have encountered in my short tinkering/overclocking career - if you are going to do something you might as well do it right. Now that is not to say that you have to get a 2600k when a 2500k is more than enough, but you should factor in certain things - like if you think you might ever go SLI, get an SLI supported board; if you think you are going to be fine with your 4.0 over clock, but maybe might want to bump it up, get a heatsink that can handle the 4.8; if you think you are fine with low graphics settings maybe get something that can handle the next bump.

TLDR - Get the noctua, there is nothing you can do with that chip the D14 cant handle - you will hit a voltage wall way b4 a heat wall.
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