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Cooler Master set some lofty goals for the new GX650 power supply – offer a cost effective solution for the mass market while delivering solid all round performance. The new updated Enhance design achieves 80 Plus Bronze efficiency ratings in our testing and it held solid over several weeks of ‘real world’ testing, including powering a high end system with an overclocked nVidia GTX580 and Intel Core i7 980X processor.
KitGuru says: A solid buy for an enthusiast user. Those who have a more demanding graphics card configuration should aim higher up the range.
Looks like Cooler Master is doing something right with this update to their GX series. I guess something had to be done to redeem the GX name after the first-generation GX650 or GX750.
Moving from Seventeam from Enhance as the OEM, the build quality is improved, and the tests show that the PSU operates well within guidelines. It's still not up for sale anywhere that I've looked, so don't go buying the older GX 650 by mistake. The older one is 80 Plus rated, this one is 80 Plus Bronze. Other than that the stickers are virtually identical, so pay attention if/when buying!