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1- The ME update is not compatble with "any" board but it is compatible with your board. Regarding Gbe firmware it is compatible with your board too, with one consideration: Your MB has a dual NIC configuration (82579V & 82583V), this update is intended for the 82579V NIC only ( It's the one to use if you just have a single LAN). Summing up: Yes, you can do both updates cause they are compatible with your mobo.

2- Yes, in this case (from 8.x to 8.x and from 1.x to 1.x) you can update directly to those newest versions.

3- The last version of '8 series ME nowadays is the one I sent you (, you can check it at StationDrivers (not on your mobo section but on intel chipset section, which is always up-to-date). Again yes, they are compatible with your board.

4- You can use that smooth tool to accomplish usb boot-up, just use it as in this image:

5- Glad to help you, please post back your results.

Regards and good luck!!! smile.gif
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I just updated GBE and ME Fw
I used win64 method, as you explained in your post;)

GBE> v1.5
ME> v8.1.30.1350

Anyway if you say in step 3 that v8.1.40.1416 is the latest firmware and is compatible with my board so I'll upgrade to that version

When I installed the firmware for the Gbe and restarted the computer has appeared to me the installation of the network device 82579V,
then I check the network connections and appear's arranged differently ...

Before the upgrade I had Local Area Connection 1 and 2 I think ... I'm not sure,
and now appears Local Area Connection 2 and 4 ... but everything is working properly!
If you want you can see here

I didn't know the 82579V t's the one to use if we just have a single LAN, that's my case so I'll change it. Because I always had it connected on the 82583V ...

I'm sorry to have given you work and have made the process in the simplest way
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New device number is normal and expected, since os detects the update device as a new device, and gaves it a new identification number.

Anyway, you can return to previous device number if you want, it's a little tricky but its doable. Let me know if you want and I give you the steps to do it. It has absolutely no impact on funcionality, just device's name.

Good to hear from your success!!!

Regards! smile.gif
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it is a bit strange because I have the device number as Local Area Connection 2 and 4
and now in the device manager appears 82579V #2 as you can see here

Is there any way to remove the #2 from description and change
local area connections number's for previous one's?

Oh and I've done the ME update for version v8.1.40.1416

It could be just me but I feel the computer is strange after I updated to this latest version...

By the way it's worth installing the MEI drivers?
I never installed this software anyway....

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Removing "#2" from device name:

Go to Control Panel => System and Maintenance => System => Advanced System Settings => Environment Variables and create a new "System variable" called:

"devmgr_show_nonpresent_devices" with a value of "1"

Then reopen the device manager, and select View / Show Hidden Devices

You will now be able to see both #1 and #2, remove (Uninstall) both of them, reboot your PC, windows should find the hardware again, provide it with the drivers and voilà => no more #2!.

MEI Drivers
It is highly advisable to update MEI drivers, just download Pack Version WHQL from here

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So summarizing:

GBE => v1.5 Done
ME => v8.1.40.1416 Done
Removing "# 2" from device name => Done (all came back as it was before)

Next Step: Install MEI Drivers
(not sure what they are for... but if you say it is highly Advisable to install them then I'll do it)

I'm glad to have found this forum but mainly to found you elbubi
that helped me to do this whole process with excellent guides!

Just wanted to say thanks for the useful info provided and links.
Thank you so so so much!

Regards my friend!smile.gif

Just out of curiosity if in the future I update my bios I have to perform all these steps again?
My bios version is v3510 (second last) the latest version is v3603...
I just don't update it yet because I have read in ROG Fórum it has some bugs.
(The guy who created the thread got the same mobo that I have)
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Glad you're doing well with the updates smile.gif

Little hint bout update MEI software, don't install the whole bloatware suite, just go to device manager, find "Intel management interface" device under "system", and choose to manually update drivers and point to downloaded update folder, it will update drivers and nothing else.

Regarding BIOS, you will only need to update BIOS, ME and GBE will remain updated, no need to flash them again. (luckily my mobo model it does not have that memory voltage bug, on the contrary, it had help me regain stability)

Thanks for your kind words, hope you enjoy your fully updated rig biggrin.gif
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Just another thing smile.gif

I started the computer with my second bios chip (chip #2, bios V1004, ME v7.1.10.1065)

I tried to update the GBE (v1.5) and I can do it.
But I can't update the ME of this chip, I get to do everything right but I get error!

It's because I have the ME version 7 on it? It Should be an intermediate step?
Is there any flash tool to can update from ME v7 to ME v8?

Probably if I updating the second bios chip, he updating ME firmware too ...
But I don't want to update the second chip bios, lets say is my Backup bios!

I just want update ME firmware for latest version is that possible?
Can you explain this like the previous method?
If you know of course biggrin.gif
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If it is your backuo BIOS, I suggest you just leave it like that, the most stock possible. Error updating ME is because it has 7.x version installed, you need full rom to take it to v8, not just update file. The safest way to step up ME version it with full bios update.

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Ok I realized the message, but I updated Gbe from bios #2 for version v1.5 is no way for downgrade?
Because I updated to version v1.5 but I forgot to backup the version that was previously installed that version v1.3?
Can I let it be as it is, it will not cause a problem? Or is it better to downgrade?

Thank you for all your wise advices my friend! smile.gif
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