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When I get home tonight I will upload v1.3 wink.gif
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Ok thank you thumb.gif

Another question I can make Gbe downgrade for version v1.3 and keep the driver from
MEI Drivers Installed? Because the driver it is the latest version ...

Now I'm thinking if I entering on the same OS (in The same Hard Disk) even with different bios
the driver will always remains the same, right?

Or maybe instead of downgrading the Gbe I can optionally re-flash the bios #2
(with the same bios version v1004) and then return to the original Gbe ...
I don't if this is possible is just a guess rolleyes.gif
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Here you have Gbe v1.3. Just execute the same procedure you made to update to v1.5.

82579 Gbe v1.3.zip 232k .zip file

Reflashing Bios v1004 will unlikely override Gbe version back to v1.3, but can't assure that.

MEI driver version is OS related, so no matter what you do on bios/me/gbe, version will always be the one installed on windows.

Regards and good luck!
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elbubi thanks again:D

Just one more thing do you know what are the command lines to back up the
Gbe and ME Fw before upgrading? For knowing how to do it for the next time?

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ME => FWUpdLcl64 -save backupme.bin
Gbe => fptw64 -GBE -D backupgbe.bin

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Keep alive
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I desperately looking for help and i hope i will be able to find it here :-)

I have a p8z68-v pro card that was originally with stockfirmware 0801.
I'm using 2 * 2To WD in Raid O with the onboard intel raid controller

Two days ago, i've updated the bios to the latest firmware (3603), everything went fine, but after the reboot, the raid wasn't working anymore (status failed)
Boths drives are correctly identified in the bios, but in the raid, only one of them is detected as a member of the raid 0.
For the other one, it's detected as non-raid disk

After some researchs , i've found that this is apparently due to an issue from intel rapid storage technology: the version above 11 has some incompatibilty with chipset z68 and raid.

I've tried to downgrade the bios to stock version but it keep telling me that the version is outdated.

Do you think it could work? Is it possible to downgrade the intel rapid storage technology rom (i'm currently at version 112.0.1527) and recover my raid 0?

Thanks in advance for your help

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Guys can somone please upload or guide me on where to find the latest drivers for my Maximus IV Extreme-Z mobo for Win8 x64?
All links are down in the OP as you all might already know ph34r-smiley.gif
Thanks in advance
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Anyone please?
Having nasty reboots/issues on windows 8 with the current beta drivers on Asus website ph34r-smiley.gif
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Originally Posted by SimpleTech View Post

P8Z68 Deluxe
>>> (Click to show)

Thislatest version ?

my Rig

i5 2500k
Asus P8z68 Deluxe

Chipset software consists of what?
i5 2500K + Asus P8Z68 Deluxe, what should I look for in a chipset download software?
I know only a "2nd generation" only.

"************************************************* ***********
* Product: Intel (R) Chipset Device Software
* Release: Production Version
* Version:
* Target PCH / Chipset: Xeon (R) processor E3-1200 v3, Intel (R) Core processor 4th Gen
* Intel (R) 8 Series, C220 Series
* Date: August 08, 2013 "

whether the chipset software for my motherboard?
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