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I was originally planning on getting an XSPC kit for a first go at watercooling but i wanted to cool the GPUs as well so i thought i would just make a custom loop instead. But it is big because i was going to use the Xigmatek Elysium for the build With an 8-core "Bulldozer" CPU and the graphics card(s) will depend on what is going at the time of the build; around December/January to give "Bulldozer" a chance to mature and any bugs that may occur to get fixed.
So far i have.....

Res: Bitspower Z-Multi 400mm
CPU Block: XSPC Rasa (plus AMD brackets)
Rads: XSPC RX480 and RX360
Coolant: Mayhems Ultra Pure H2O
Fittings: Array of Bitspower compression fitting (straight and 45 degrees)
Tubing: Primochill PrimoFlex Pro 3/8" ID
Fans: Coolermaster SickleFlow 120mm

i wasnt too sure about what pump to use that would be able to do this loop so any recomendations would be greatly appreciated and then the pump (preferably a quiet one) will be added to the list.....
i also welcome any changes that people recommend instead of parts i have chosen.

EDIT: I was thinking that the RX360 rad may not be needed to cool a CPU and 2 GPUs (at most) so if that could be taken out i would be willing to do that....saves a bit of £££

As well as the pump an idea was to use the Swiftech MCP655??...i dont fully understand pumps although i have read a few things on them, and this pump seems to crop up quite often
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