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Originally Posted by Khalam;14090569 
my problem is i cant have any external rads, everything has to be in the case, hmmm whats the max size for a rad on the bottom if i put a psu there as well? ive got an ax1200w

120 or 140mm,without modding.
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ehh that kind of kills the whole idea, if I have to mod the case might as well mod my 800d:(
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ok whats the max amount of rads I can fit in the case without modding, with 4x5.25 bays taken up by dual bay res and fan controler and with 2hdds? I dont need an optical but the rest is a must:(
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if you don't have the psu on the floor you can fit a 360 without any mods, the 2 rad slots that are there work fine without a psu + the vent fan slot for the psu = 3 vents total = 120.3 or 140.3, dont know why people are saying a 120 or 140 :S !!!!!!!!!!!!

Then if you mount the psu in the roof you can add a 120.2 up there, might run into the bays a little but it will fit.

Then you can have a 480 or a 360 in the front of the case smile.gif

if you want to mod you can always extend the vents in the floor the 1st HDD cage then you can fit a 120.4, this might effect mounting something up the HDD bays

I am just going to have a rad ontop of the case and build a little casing for it which will allow me to have 2x 360 and 1x480 biggrin.gif, Not sure what size to have in the front of the case think a 360 should leave you enough, I am just getting an external HDD case and Optical then the 1 slots gonna be for my fan controller, not a fan on front bay res's.

its a tight fit but long as you can figure out where to put your pump etc etc you should be fine wink.gif
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im gone be using a dual bay pump/res combo, thats why I need to know what I can fit in the front... would you say I could fit a 240 in the front, a 360 on the floor and a psu with a 240 up top and still fit my bay/res, 2hdds and a fan controler?
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I think it was, 360 = 4 bays so a 240 would give you another 2 bays. tbh i would just mod the floor stick a 480 in it 240 up top and just have a 240 in the front then u can defently fit everything and still get a bit of rad space
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the only reason I want to change from my 800d is to not mod, just cant do it:(
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mmmm why not just get an external rad cage and keep the 800D?
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cant, got a 1 year old around the house and the wife would kill me:(
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lol? theres not difference from that and a pc case ? just you put ur rads in it and ur res and put it behind ur pc boom. idk them I guess you have more option in the xig case then the 800D without mods if your just cooling cpu and gpus you should be fine with a 360 front 360 bot mount psu above and put a 240 in the roof, dont even really need the 240 but yeah, just my 2 cents
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