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Ok after calibration this monitor is pretty darn good for a TN. It looks exactly like a U2410 bezel wise. Blacks are nice and black. No backlight bleed and good color uniformity. Text is sharp and clear. This has no AG coating on it compared to the U2410. Whites look white not dirty white like on the U2410. View angles are decent, pretty good for a TN. I also notice minimal color shift if any. Played some BC2 and noticed no ghosting or lag. Its also quiet no buzzing when lower the brightness etc. Color is pretty good but not great. Out of the box it is way way to blue, its has a big blue tinge to it. I ran my spyder3 pro and its night and day difference. If you are looking for a nice all around TN panel for around $250 in the 24 inch range this is certainly one to think about. The bezel is very very thin about half the size of the U2410. The stand is exactly like the U2410. And the 2 USB ports on the side work great. I'd give this monitor a 8 out of 10. And yes I know its not an IPS but its still a good low cost alternative for people who don't not want to spend $500+ on a 24 inch IPS.