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Mouse suggestions for my needs?

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I've used MS IME3.0 for about 6months for now. Before that i used MX518 for years. I really do love 3.0 mainly because of its shape and no-prediction. But it has it's bugs aswell, the scrollwheel. I googled a bit and found THIS but im not too sure if that actually lasts.

I was looking for EC2 but it seems to have scrollwheel bug of some sort (not registering scrolls) and some lift-off bugs. Deathadder seems like a nice mouse aswell, but what ive heard it needs drivers so you can set 400dpi at 500hz. I also found this "kinzuadder" which sounds really interesting, as i loved the shape of kinzu but sensor is what it is, crap.

So, could you suggest mouse which has atleast 500hz (without OCing), 400dpi and no prediction? Driverless or somekind of memory that saves your settings so i dont need to setup them again on every LAN is a big plus.
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Sounds like the zowie mico other than the shape

as you love the ime shape, the deathadder black edition have a very similar shape. Its just slighty heavy and have a high lift off distance
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