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So I was setting up my wifi after moving. I scanned the area with inssider to see which channel is free. Channel 1 and 6 were pack with like 5 or 6 each while 11 is only occupied with 1 or 2 really weak signal, >85 db. So I set the channel to 11 since it should provide the best connection. It was working from around 4pm to around 8:30. Then I cant connect the router/modem. So I reset my router/modem to see if they solve the problem, and it didnt. Then I tried my old router and set it to 11 and see if it will work. I know i can connect to the old one since I didnt change any settings beside the channel. However, it didnt connect. Then I set the router/modem to channel 6 and it worked flawlessly. What would cause it??