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Originally Posted by bombzaway View Post
Yeah I would also recommend browns for you. Their the best all around switches and I know you'll love them.

As for keyboards filco's are obviously the best but if you on a budget I would highly recommend the DAS silent. With a student discount I believe the total comes out to like $108 or something and their currently offering free shipping. Goodluck!
Browns are in no way the best overall switch. That would be buckling springs (They don't come on n-keyrollover boards though).

They are just the lowest common denominator. The tactile point is rather mushy and wears out eventually but there is nothing that can potentially aggravate you. There are no double tapping issues (important for gaming) or noise (important for roommates but I've found it not to be an issue when I'm in a separate room from everyone else), have tactility (no problems for typing), and are rather light (no potential complaints about stiffness). In short good but not great for both typing and gaming; a good choice if you are blind buying a mechanical keyboard without having had the chance to try any. I much prefer certain ALPs and buckling spring keyboards myself.

DAS silent with the student discount is a great choice for your first mechanical keyboard though.
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You are student, so buy DAS Pro Silent (brown switches) with student discount. When you stop being student (read: have more money) there will be a wider range of mech keyboards you can choose.
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The Das is regarded as being well built as well. It's at a good price with the discount. There is the warranty so if you decide to you can even ship it back, and that's even easier if you buy it through Amazon.

The only way you can really know what cherry switch is the best is to try them. Asking others is really just a repetitive waste of time for the most part. Once you try one switch you will be closer to finding out what switch is the best since all cherry switches are similar.
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