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Monitor making a "pop" noise and image "flickering"? - Page 2

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Well, I know it's the monitor. I was actually hoping some of the more knowledgeable about CRTs had ay clues to a potential cause and/or fix, if possible.
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What refresh rate are you using it on?
turn off the lights and look down the ventilation slits... see *anything at all*?
The hiss is normally caused by the monitor trying to synchronise at a particular frequency.
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I am fairly sure it is regardless of refresh rate that this would occur (I'm running it at 85Hz by the way). I have never turned off the lights and looked for anything but don't fancy doing so and waiting on it. If anything, I should try and record it happening next time maybe, but nobody has any ideas?

It doesn't sound like a capacitor blowing (though a capcitor may be responsible in some way). The word "pop" probably isn't the most accurate way to describe it.
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Are you sure you checked the components inside? Specifically for blown capacitors? Because once caps blow that's it, you'll have to replace them. And most of the time Capacitors just bulge out instead of literally popping like a balloon.

Pop? it sounds more like a relay switching and from what you've described there's some sort of delay before the monitor fully functions. Again, it may be that something is not right in the circuit responsible for power delivery.
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If it was a blown capacitor, I don't think it'd be working now though, right? I'm just worried it could come to that since this is becoming increasingly common. It used to be once in a Blue moon, now it's nearly every time I turn it on, minutes later, it happens.

It does sound like a possible power issue (which means a a capacitor could be involved). When it's been off for a while, as it warms up, I think the thermal cycle is inducing something to happen. Once this "pop" (sounds maybe like electrical arcing?) happens, it functions 100% fine as long as it's on. It never does it again until/unless I shut it off for some time to cool down, then let it warm up again. It's odd.
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Hate to necro, but this is relevant.

I have an old IBM P275, got it back in '04 from a friend of mine who built and refurbished towers in his living room. It's the best monitor I've ever had, hands down.

Over the past year or so it has been doing the same thing Garnet mentioned. Can't say what it is for certain, but it is definitely related to warmup. I found that if I leave it on for most of the day, and only turn it off when I go to bed at night, it minimises the problem. Also, on the occasion that the screen loses focus, turning it off for a short bit (5-15 minutes) then back on usually fixes that.

It also has angled striations of discolouring on the occasion that it still happens, mostly a greenish tint, and sometimes when it pops I'll see a red flash, and then the screen takes on a decidedly bluish hue. I always assumed it was finally starting to go out. Maybe it is, maybe it isn't, but by gosh it's older than dirt so it wouldn't surprise me much if it were.

Fingers crossed - you'll be hard-pressed to find a good LCD monitor that even comes close to the res capability of this monster. It's a shame they're so hard to find these days... when mine finally goes, I'm shelling out whatever it takes to get another one. Hope this helps some other fortunate P275 owner.
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