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I got impatient so I just did it, I changed throttle clocks to match my
OC clocks ^^

And I changed the setting0 power profile to the max I have.

Will do some more benching, card didnt break from flashing ^^
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I remember back in the days when I bought 3x 8800 GTX, and someone posted on a forum the idea to (hardmod) a voltage mod on these cards. Of course, back then, without hesitation I frankensteined my cards (worth $1800.-) See, attached picture, I am still proud of that. Cards worked for years without problems. My point is, don't fear too much when overclocking. If you're on adequate cooling (water) you can push those cards very far.

If it breaks, return it stating 'it already was like that when unoboxing ^^
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Originally Posted by _Faust View Post
If it breaks, return it stating 'it already was like that when unoboxing ^^
Haha lol.
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Hmm I cant see very much improvement in benched, what is inconvenient is
that with EVGA precision I cant clock lower than 800 mhz, as this is now the bios' stock clock :S

Seems that the drivers are also overriding the bios?
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yup, i've mentioned before - drivers in case of 590 have alot more power to override bios settings. there are some smartasses in nvidia.

dreaming about 4x"Untouchables"
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There must be someone around that knows how to turn this off? I explicitly WANT to void my warranty. How about a hard mod?
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Wogga, I read your posts about flashing a MARS II bios or a 580 bios on the 590.

I'm willing to give that a try, do you have reliable info that this would work nicely?
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hardest try i know - one of my russian colleagues on OC boards flashed 580 bios so drivers could recognise SLi 580 instead of 590. flashed fine but card was totally unstable, crashing in BSODs and artificing. there was one screen of his GPUz somwhere in this thread

flashing mars 2 bios was not so successfull =( nvflash just said that bios is from another type of card. changing device ID from 10DE 1088 to 10DE 108B should help but idk how dangerous is it. Masked mentioned that mars have got completely different lining and element base, so mars 2 bios, besides it have load voltage 0.988 and max ~1.1+, can just melt card trying to give some current to wrong elements

another hard - "Untouchables" from EVGA. idk are they available for purchase. TiN used them in his 590-zombie (here and more about mod here)
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I'd like to know how TiN can bypass all those throttling things that are bothering us (he has super high benchmark results). I'm not really interested into soldering such a big power supply module on my card, I am only interested into squeezing the very maximum out of the card with watercooling.

I know I have plenty of headroom, 45C on full load; I want to bump the voltage to 1.06V or so and then get the max performance.

There must be other people around with 580 gtx or quad SLI on water that can run at higher clock speeds for sure.

I mean, I bought waterblocks not only for noise reduction, but also for OCing the card.

You got more suggestions? I am crazy enough to give most things a try
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Oh, one weird things though: When I used Nibitor to alter the clock speeds (say only P15 level), and I saved and flashed the bios it showed up fine in GPU-Z. However, trying to bench instantly crashes the driver.

HOWEVER, when I also have EVGA precision and I alter the clock speeds slightly, It does work.
For example: modded bios set to 1450 shader 750 core, shows up like that in GPUZ.
Crashes heaven. Now I change it with evga precision to 755 or something slightly different and then it works? ***?
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