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How about CM Storm M4 Duramesh mouse pad?
Anyone tested?
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Originally Posted by F u r u y á View Post
Which Goliathus is yours? Speed? Fragged edition (with the green splash)?

Which firmware are you using?

I've heard that Spawn doesn't track well in light coloured surfaces with latest firmware and I'm wondering whether the green splash in Fragged edition is enough to affect its tracking.
Well, I've just tested it and that firmware v31 is really sensitive to light colors... I could notice it skipping on the splash logo while using it in windows (doing my stuff, browsing internet, etc)... (but the LOD is indeed less than 1CD!)

So Goliathus Fragged Edition is not recommended if you have low sensitivity (will use the whole pad, including the splash logo region) and will use firmware v31.

I didn't have this skipping issue with v30a (and v32 is yet to be tested).
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Hi I'm kinda new to this but I wanted to share my thoughts on this issue since yesterday arrived my new SPAWN, and I gotta say that so far this is the best quality for value mouse that i ever had, considering it only cost me around 30 euros where i live.

I tested this mouse with the following pads:
- Razer Scarab (hard, silver colored, diamond like plastic) - VERY slick, as you'd expect from a hard surface, the mouse literally glides over it but there's a bit of loss in controll sometimes because of the speed. No tracking issues whatsoever, at least not from what i saw\\felt ingame.
- Razer Goliathus Speed Fragged Alpha (extra large cloth) - good compromise between control and slickness, no tracking issues whatsoever, not even where the big green razer splat is.
- SteelSeries QCK (cloth) - offers a bit more resistance in glide than the Goliathus, tracks also very good.
- Cyborg V.3 (silicone) - lots of controll but not so slick, was sometimes hard to move the mouse over it's surface when doing slower and more precise movements. Felt very sluggish at times, would not recommend it to anybody.

All at out of the box settings: 500hz pooling, 1800dpi, angle snapping turned off @ 30a fmw (windows7 mouse pointer speed at 6/11 and all accel. turned off with the MarkC fix). Lift off distance for all these pads was the same at around 4-5mm(i tried to measure it with a plastic ruler, but maybe i did wrong, lol).

Those are ofcourse my own sujective observations and if anybody got some recommendations for software that would allow me to test the responsiveness and tracking more synthetically and thoroughly than please say so and I'd gladly check it out.

Cheers guys!
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*Please excuse the revival*

Is Goliathus Control good enough for Firmware V.201 ?
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Ok I tested it with Goliathus Control Small on FW 201 and it tracks horrible ! Tracks ok on 102 but that one is not as much precise as 201 plus LOD is too high.
Wouldn't recommend any coloured mousepad at all for Spawn. Only Dark/Black
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