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CPU Multiplier dropping to 4X under load? - Page 2

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Grab ThrottleStop, check the box that says "More Data" at the bottom and see if your multiplier or VID changes while under load. It is 20x more accurate at reading those things at a very high rate. Not saying CPU-Z isn't accurate, but it updates is very large intervals to ensure easier validations. It uses an average of the last second or 3 to get the readings, ThrottleStop updates 8x second if you click on the More Data button. See if it is still doing it with that software.

Edit: Doh, just realized you are on an AMD CPU, it may not work with them. If it doesn't, use RealTemp, as it updates speeds/temps, etc pretty fast too.
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Originally Posted by Olliez View Post
the heatsink seems tight. I only have 1 case fan so airflow isnt great, could that be it? the next thing on my list was case and cpu cooling anyway.
I would have have at min 2 fans 1 for intake and 1 out to outtake that will help with air flow a little and should bring down temps a bit.
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Hi I have same problem... with Phenom 2 x4 940 BE 3.0GHz, 4GB DDR2, ASUS N4A78
Are you FIX problem!? If you find solution please hel me .
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It seems to me that the issue you are having is voltage droop. What do you have your LLC (load line calibration) set at? You may have to set it higher In order to supply the voltage you need. Had a similar problem on my 8120. Just my two cents
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