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Need easy HTPC for my parents

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I want to get my parents a VERY simple HTPC setup for their new travel trailer and at home. They do not have an elaborate system in either location. They have a newer TV in the trailer that I will have to investigate to make sure it can take video and audio from an HTPC.

I want something similar to Boxee, but NOT Boxee. I currently have one and it's a bit too complicated for what my parents can handle. It also does not work very well. Encountering the problems I've seen on Boxee would be overwhelming for my parents. I would like something that would be very small (like Boxee) and also use an external hard drive for storage and playback. Does anything like this exist?
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WD Live can prolly do what you want

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I will read into that one.

Has anyone used this? I think it might be nice with an AMD Zacate.
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WDTV is very easy to use.

Got the inlaws setup with one and they use it without issue

Great compatibilty with media formats.
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WD Live looks pretty awesome. Is a USB 2.0 hard drive going to be able to keep up with HD streaming? This would definitely provide a cheaper solution.

Would I need something like the WD Live Network drive? This claims consistent 100MB transfer speeds.

Really considering this. I might order tonight or tomorrow.
Hitachi 2TB USB Drive $69.99
WD Live $89.99 (Saving $15 for the open box is not worth it to me)

Total of $160. This seems like a no brainer!
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I think I will go with the WD Live. It's a small investment so if it doesn't work out, I won't be too upset. I will go with a 3TB hard drive as well.

One question, though. I believe the TV in my parent's travel trailer is 720P. What happens if I try to play a 1080p video through the WD Live device onto the 720p TV? Will the TV or WD Live have to re-size the video? Will it simply not work?
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it will work fine I play files encoded for 1080 on my 720 all the time and have no problems
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