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Okay - since you have an AMD Chip, this is how it goes:

The reference clock is what mainly controls the CPU Mhz, RAM Mhz, HT Freq, and CPU-NB Frequency.

Start out by setting your RAM to manually control it (instead of keeping it Auto, since the reference clock will OC it too) - It should calculate what speed is at what Timing, here is an example of my RAM:
1:1 timing = 1600Mhz
1:3:33 = 1333Mhz
1:4 = 800Mhz

Now, go to the HT Frequency (Or, HyperTransport) and Set it's Multiplier @ 10x for 2000Mhz (this should be stock, but please correct me too) - HT Increases Instability and doesn't increase performance.

Now, You should start to raise the Reference clock (It's usually a standard of 200Mhz, but please correct me) - I'd raise it 5-10Mhz at a time. then, boot into windows and run a game for a bit. See if the overclock is stable (Prime95 is synthetic and overpowered at the same time).

Then, just repeat until you find the Max OC.
Also, When you find instability on an OC, Raise the CPU-NB Voltage and the Vcore (CPU Voltage) by .25 each time, or as your Motherboard clocks to the next voltage.

Hope that helped