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Oh sorry... i meant 1.065... I guess for meaning nothing, a 0 does make a big difference

Oh and... Nvidia Kernel just restarted after 30 mins into Crysis 2... *sigh* why is it always Crysis... I'm scared to go up any more on voltage (OCCT is useless... i always pass, but crash in games... =.=)
so test with games instead..

I can pass Crysis2 (with 3 diff levels - adrenaline benchmark), Heaven 2.5 (xtreme tess), 3dmark2011, avp 2010, LP2 dx11,etc.. at 900mhz @1.049v | ram 2200mhz @ +10mv idk for safety reasons.

Although I had the same a black screen in crysis2 one time, it was because i didn't feed it enough volts. I tested 1.043v and as i knew from before 1.050v did the trick.. For 850mhz i need only 1.012 - 1.018v (stock 3D 0.962v) at 1.018v looks like i get a bit higher lowest fps so i settled with 1.018v for 850mhz.
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