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Razer poor quality poorer support

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Hi guys,
I'm not looking to get into a huge debate but I want to share my input with you as to my experience with my first Razer mouse. After being a long time logitech user I made the jump to the Razer naga mostly because of the crazy amount of buttons that it had. It was pretty decent (aside form the HORRIBLY position back and forward buttons) for the 4 months or so I continued to play wow. I was very impressed with the Razer packaging and presentation when I opened my mouse btw. I ended up buying two more as gifts for some buds.

Cut to a year later, I have completely stopped gaming and just use the mouse for normal computer uses. One day i notice that my mouse is double clicking when I single click. I do the basic troubleshooting and discover that I have a hardware issue.

On the 7/12/2011 I contact Razer for the first time for help.

on 07/13/2011 PM they send me a form letter response telling me to do the basic troubleshooting. So I reply back and let them know what I have done.

on 07/14/2011 25 hours later they responded letting me know what I would need to supply for an RMA.

I quickly responded again with the required info.

on 07/16/2011 50 hours later they sent me a a one liner saying they needed a copy of my receipt to process an RMA, which I had sent along as an attachment the first time.

At this point I wasn't sure if they were saying the amazon order invoice email I had supplied was not proof enough or if I they didn't receive anything at all. I was now getting a little frustrated because it had been more than 4 days since I started this process and I had been dealing with the mouse (which is getting worse and worse each day!) being broken for well over 2 weeks.

I sent them back another email within two hours and let them know I was disappointed in the long turn around and also in their lack of detail as to what they needed. I included the same receipt again.

I waited all day for someone to respond and finally around 8 pm I took to twitter and managed to get the attention of their CEO Min-Liang Tan on twitter. He advised me he would look into it I was clear that i was disappointed with their support. I received an email finally the next day saying they would process an RMA for me if I would ship my product back to them and wait while they processed.

Wait a second.... What am I supposed to do in the meantime, and why should I pay shipping when their device is faulty? Logitech doesn't do this. I replied back and took to twitter to voice my dissatisfaction and after two days of being ignored finally today I got someone from @CultofRazer to respond to me, they had a standard support lackey call me and send me out a shipping label but they would not pre-ship me a mouse EVEN WITH A CREDIT CARD.

They have done nothing to address my concerns about their poor support I have not even received a genuine apology. Guys this is a unorganized and backwards company. I advise you stick to Logitech.

Take my advice for what it is worth but do remember if your Razer device fails you you will be without a device for maybe as long as weeks before you are able to navigate their support channel to get a replacement. For a small company trying to emerge in the peripheral space it is clear that Razer is not focused on quality or customer service as core values.
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I had the same experience with the first and last Razor product I'll buy.

The Copperhead mouse worked for a few weeks, then started double or triple (or more) clicking for every single click.

Their Customer Support was unhelpful to put it mildly. After maybe a week of e-mail tag they finally told me it was impossible to get it replaced or repaired since I didn't buy it online and had lost the receipt.

I could fix it for a day at a time by filing down the too-soft plastic under the mouse buttons which became dented with the shape of the harder plastic switch they activated, but after taking it apart and putting it back together a half dozen times the tracking was messed up and the mouse was totally useless.

I've seen enough similar stories to be convinced that poor build quality is to be expected from anything with their label on it.
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