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I brought this here because I could not find a good answer anywhere.

I have tried firmware upgrades to get my drive to work normally again but there are none that are compatible. I have tried a bunch of sites and they all link to the same firmware that does not work with my drive for whatever reason even though it seems to be the correct bin.

I have tried adjusting the dvd pot with limited success. The drive reads burnt media great however it does not read commercially burnt DVD's reliably. Sometimes they read and sometimes not. It will read CD's perfectly everytime, so I have left the CD pot alone. I had the most luck with the DVD pot at 500 ohms. I have cleaned the lens and everything else seems to be in order. The drive was only a few months old when it began acting like this and does not have a spot of dust in it.

I was wondering if anyone knows what is the correct settings for a drive like this is?