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I could have posted this in PC games but this is totally related to the network and Windows firewall issue anyways.. so here's my problem and hope you can be brave to help!

I reformatted last night and reinstalled everything i had including games. I tested Crysis 2 mp just fine. I reinstalled AVP on steam and decided to play MP and for some reason it's not showing the server browser at all. I even had it set to allow on firewall since it's not showing the server browser and nothing at all. What gives? Am i missing something here and is something blocking the game to find the servers?
I'm using public server as a option cuz i'm using broadband and i did test HOME network also and it's not working. I'm just confused and wanted to play MP. Anyone have any ideas or fixes for this minor issue? Otherwise i can verify the cache on steam but i don't think that would fix the browser at all?

It's just not finding the server for me. Refreshing then nothing listed. Gotta be firewall issue.