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4870 cant load windows on cold boot

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Got an issue with my ATI 4870 512MB card.

Cold boot into windows, freezes after the windows logo, if i reset the computer, it loads up the windows desktop fine. This happens for windows xp & 7 (fresh installs with default drivers). Has anyone seen this before and are there any solutions? Or is it a dying card?

For testing stripped back the pc to:
gigabyte ep35c-ds3r motherboard
4gig kingston hyperx ddr2-800
sapphire 4870 512mb (ek waterblock)
1tb wd black drive
thermaltake tough 700w PSU

I've tried the following:
- different PSU (antec 430w and yum cha brand 500w): no change
- reseat video card: no change
- different set of ram: no change
- different hdd: no change
- flash the motherboard to previous versions and then back to latest: no change
- memtest tested ok
- cpu ok too

One strange thing i've noticed was when i plugged in the original air cooler for the video card, cold boot it cycles the fan, i.e. 100% spin -> spins down -> blinks 3 LEDs etc (repeats this 4 times), but if i reset the computer it just spins up 100% then spins to normal rate and then loads windows fine.

Any ideas anyone?
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I had a 4850 do something similar to this once. I would turn on the computer, and the LED on the card could come on solid, and wouldn't boot, then I would restart the computer a few times and it would finally post and boot. It ended up being the motherboard. So I don't know if maybe your motherboard is bad or not.
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Just checked gpu-z, looks like the pcie slot is running at 1x - interesting. Gonna try to get a cheap pcie video card to test and narrow down source. Starting to think it's the motherboard.
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