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Just for information, when I replaced the stock cooler with a AXP on my Gigabyte 560 Ti, it didnt have VRAM sinks. They do now due to the new kit.

From what I have read, none of the 560 Ti's come standard with vram sinks, not just the TF2 versions.

I had the card with stock cooling for a week before installing the AXP kit. I did not notice any issues at stock clocks. When I started pushing the Core and shader OC... that was a different story. I found my card got twitchy around 90c - hence the after market cooler.

I didnt mess with the mem clocks though.
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@stupidcha I've been experiencing intermittent artifacting issues with my MSI GTX 560 OCTwin Frozr II 1GB OC.

Having tried every fix under the sun (increasing voltage, reducing overclock, different drivers etc etc), the only thing that seems to work is moving the card from one PCI slot to another. This seems to fix it for up to 5 days, then I have to move it back again (which again fixes it). Note that my PC is on 24x7 and doesn't sleep.

I've seen some threads (e.g. this one http://forums.nvidia.com/index.php?showtopic=198115) that say that all you have to do is disconnect or turn off the PSU to fix the problems.

I'm not convinced this is due to permanent damage being done to the VRM or VRAM (not that I'm an authority on this subject).
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that MSI tech is SVET,

but he can be a bit newbish too lol biggrin.gif

I always found it funny how he keeps suggesting Furmark for stability on gpus with power limiter.

Yes it can find something, but most of the time it won't because of that power limiter monitor actively throttling gpu down to low 3d when its reaching certain limit.

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