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Sudden Pc Shutdown

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I had my PC for about a year now (or year and half) and I have experienced strange problems in my PC. At first the fan of my power supply started making noise and after a while completely stopped, so I bought another power supply with bigger capacity and fixed the problem. Then another fan started having the same problem and then stopped so I bought a new one for my PC. And the same problem happened to the new fan so I changed it once more. And now I don't know what happened but my PC shuts down after playing some heavy games. I fixed this problem by putting a fan that we used home on the side of my PC and the problem was solved temporarily. So the problem now is a heating issue and I don't know where! I tried RealTemp and scanned my CPU and ran a few tests everything was said to be OK and my distance to TJ Max was 20°C when my CPU load was at 100% and it dropped steadily when the CPU load became lighter. And I used GPU-Z to test my VGA and I noticed that the GPU temperature was at a 45°C at idle. So I played Crysis 2 as a test and when my PC shut down CPU temperature was 70°C according to RealTemp and GPU temperature was 66°C according to GPU-Z. Then I changed the fanspeed to 100% and the PC shut down at 63°C temperature for my GPU. So what is the problem (seems to me like its a fan problem) ? And why the fans are getting trashed after use (I had a PC for 5 years and none of the fans went down except one time on my VGA so I bought the new PC) ?
I have:
A 500 Watt power supply
A 9800 GT Nvidia video card
An intel core i3 processor
An additional ethernet controller (makes them 2 in total)
And stock/default other parts
A ups of 480W output (a little weak for the power supply)
I don't know if this may help but I'm living in Lebanon so sometimes electricity is cut off and we switch to an electric source other than the country's official electric source so maybe the change of electric voltage or something like that is causing these problems (when we switch to the "unconventional" electric source sometime my UPS start beeping as if it was not connected but its fixed when I shut the whole system down and turn it on again)
Plus when I turn on the PC my speakers make a weird sound but when the PC is turned on it goes away.
And there was a building near our home that was being built so when I replaced my fan I found that the old one was very dirty so maybe this was the cause of the last fan problem (the third fan replacement)
Any help would be appreciated
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Which '500w PSU' do you actually have? I'm guessing some weird one, most foreigners have some random brand PSU. Just saying,
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