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Slowing CPU frequency

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Hi all,

Fist, I apologize if this is posted in the wrong place. Wasbn;t sure where to put it, but we do use optiplex 780s which are powered by intel CPUs.

Anyway, I need a way to simulate old/slow hardware virtually to test a java client on antiquated hardware configurations. At the least, I need a way to lower the CPU's operating frequency to about 1200mhz. Does the VMware workstation offer a feature like that? ESXi allows this but I'd prefer to keep windows7 as host.

Anybody think of another way of achieving this?

Thanks in advance!
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Overclock.net really has nothing?
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It's because some users don't get this problem bubinhead.

What you need to do is Download a Program Called "ClockGen". This most of the time will help people get a nice OC through Factory PC's.

You can Underclock and Overclock with this. It should automatically find your PLL, but sometimes you have to set it manually. This require's you to open up that Optiplex and look for a Chip that has a "ICS" Logo. There should be a serial that' says something like "ICS-945621" - that is just an example.

And when you find the right PLL, you begin to overclock slightly, and do an underclock to what you need. Hope this helps.

Oh, also, Welcome to OCN - 1+ Rep to get you started off. I always 1+ Rep newbies for signing up and being active around the Website.
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Thank you much for the response. I'll look into that sometime this week and post results.
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