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This is my take on voltages and temps for SB cpu's, take it as you please:

No one is absolutely certain of what the safe vcore is for the new sandybridge chips. What I can tell you is that many say the max safe vcore for these chips are 1.3 region, however, intel states that the max 'VID' is 1.52 and many say that around 1.4 if your on air and 1.45 should be the max if your running water cooling. Personally I will not go above 1.5v for 24/7 with these chip but that is totally upto you. The main thing to understand is that 'YOU' have to come up with the conclusion of what the max is. That way no one is blamed if the chip degrades (none reported so far, even with so called 'high 1.4+ vcore')

Regarding temps, CPU throttles at 95c, some say keeping it below 85c is good, some say keeping it below 80 is better, other's say below 75c is really good and there are quite a few that say 70c should be the max. Which ever one your comfortable with and if you have substantial cooling, YOU DECIDE YOUR MAX, just remember it throttles at 95c. I personally like to keep mine below 70c

Hope that helps
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