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Okay Viridian I found away around this problem.

To run a program that requires administrator privileges without password and while using a standard user account, you need to use a program called RunasSpc. Basically it creates an encrypted certificate that has your admin account username and password to run only the program you assigned. Now you can run admin programs as a standard user without entering the admin password.

Open up guidance.html to learn how to use the program. Run runasspcadmin.exe to fill out the program file path and your admin username and password. Save that crypt.spc file. Then open up runasspc.exe and click start to run the application you specified.

Also to disable the UAC prompt for that application without globally disabling UAC, follow this method:

You use Microsoft Application Compatibility Toolkit to create a UAC whitelist for whatever application you want to bypass UAC. I tested this method on an old game that required admin privileges before. Now I can just open the game with no UAC prompt at all. It runs well.
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