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Thanks again. I will see how it will fit when it come in. Maybe another possible solutions would be to remove one fan, move it slightly up or even maybe cut some plastic of the fan if it will only be 2mm diff.
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Got Everything working (first try) Anyway, the cooler fits perrrrrfectly. The fan is about a paper with away from the ram (kinda worried it might effect it somehow due to close vibration if any)

Ran prime95 for a few days and the 4 workers are at 4%, 4% 18% and 4% so far there hasn't been any problem and I think I should stop now. What are some available software to test and benchmark other component like video,ram, HDD, etc?

BTW, is the video card holder thing really necessary. Its just so big and i cant figure out the use of it.


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If it is literally a paper thickness between the frame of the fan and the RAM, perhaps you can use a filing tool to file away, say, 1mm of the frame material to allow some more clearance.

For testing graphics card, 3DMark 11, 3DMark Vantage, Heaven Benchmark...etc are fairly popular.
For testing HDDs, HDTune and CrystalDiskMark are both common tools.

Regarding the GPU air duct of the HAF932 Black Edition, I suggest you do not use it. The duct (plus fan) is helpful if a graphics card uses traditional 'front-centrifugal-fan-intake-and-rear-exhaust' cooling design. But your video card Zotac GTX460 does not use this type of cooling and it will expel hot air via its front. So, having the air duct will not help but might likely hurt the heat dissipation.

Lastly, I am glad that the CPU cooler works out OK.
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I took a think piece of sandpaper and took about 1-2mm off. After I put it back on it seemed like I took over 5mm off since there was plenty of space. Then I realized i put the fan back on after the first radiator plate instead of before it. I just left it that way cause I see no harm in that except that's the closes plate to the cpu and the first fan is not blowing the heat of it...(lol, I think i should move it back).

Thanks again!
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