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Gpu watercooling only

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is it possible to just have the graphics card under water as i'm sick of the temps and the annoying buzzing fan the gpu block i wanna use is a gigabyte blue eye that was used for an old watercooled computer that had an upgrade on the graphics card and was never installed
ps: is it possible to have no pump as i dont have one if it comes to having one i'm sure i can use a small windscreen washer pump off a scrap car
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It is not possible to have a water loop without some sort of pump, you can find lots of integrated ones though, although most don't suggest that.

Sure you can do a GPU only loop. I just set one up here:


It's running along side a corsair h50 for now.
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nice build +rep
i'm going to see if i can intergrate a windscreen washer bottle that has a pump built into it to eliminate costs
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For a 5570?

They don't make blocks for them.
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i'm thinking of modding the wc block to fit if not then its an stock intel 1156 fan going on and i know this gpu is rubbish
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well the blue eye didnt fit and cba to modd so 1156 stock heatsink is going on
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