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Hey guys.

Heres a mod I did of to my ancient (something like 10 years old) case. Just gonna post some pics up

the case was modded in parts. Some of it was done more than 4 years ago.

Part 1:First was the side panel whigh got the WOLF logo. Then came the top and the other side which was cut out and replaced with perspex so that there were windows from 3 sides, as well as adding a top fan which at the time was a Antec Tri-colour 120mm. All the metal bits were also sanded down to leave bare metal exposed so it gained some rust to add to the effect

after that the case stayed like that for a while.

part 2: was a month ago where I got hold of a CM V6GT and had to make it fit in the pc. So out with the angle grinder and such and by the time the sun rose the next morning,it was complete. PSU moved from the back to the front and all the new LEDS and associated wiring was wired up. looks pretty cool now.

Case is due to be scrapped by the end of the year. Will be doing a full custom build for the new one.

Hope you like the pics

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More pics.

the front panel looks really messy with all the LAN stickers lol . think I'm gonna respray it

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New hole for the Psu cut out and test fitting Now i have the space I need for the V6 . Some shots of it assembled and looking pretty good with the LED lighting

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