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After assembling my first WC rig, the Northbridge on my Asus P5N-D overheated and Windows freezed randomly, Games were just out the question! Reset all Heatsinks with AC5 and although this did help a bit, freezes did return, games still 'way out there' To keep the system stable I've a S-Flex SFF80D dangling over the NB hanging off one of the screw poles from the EK-Supreme HF!

Luckily did buy the EK-Supreme HF - Nickel/Plexi CPU block that’s compatible with the new Sandy Bridge 1155 chipset so I'm now able upgrade the MB, CPU and Ram (and probably the PSU as well).

I don’t want to be in the same position with a new MB where due to the lack of air circulation the NB overheats, so which P67 board has the best cooling of the NB? I've heard good thing about the Sabertooth with the 50cm fan attached:

The only criteria for a new board is that it must have at least 1 PCI slot....and of course good NB cooling!