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So, I'm planning on building my first watercooled rig. As of right now, the details are quite sparse, but I'm looking for some feedback.

The plan so far is to watercool the CPU and 2x GPUs. I'm totally in love with the NZXT Phantom, so I'd need my setup to fit in there, preferably with a minimum of drilling/extra mods.

Question(s) 1: How much radiator (minimum) will be needed to cool an i7 and two Radeon 6870's? Would a RS240 and an RX120 be enough? Moreover, would that hardware fit in the Phantom? I've read (on the forums here) that the RS240 will fit in the top of the case, would there still be room to mount an RX120 where the rear exhaust fan is without it interfering with the top-mounted RS240?

Question 2: 1 loop or two? Is there much cooling power gained by running separate loops? e.g. pump->split->CPU->rad->join->res & split->GPU->GPU->rad->join vs. pump->CPU->rad->GPU->GPU->rad->res?

Question 3: I've read all the recommendations for the MCP355 and various tops, but I'm quite fond of the Koolance RP-1000 to monitor temps and be all-around sweet looking. Should I be concerned about not having enough flow for all the stuff I'm trying to run?

Thanks in advance...