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A VRM failure may have also taken out the PSU with it. This is not uncommon and has happened some times before.

4Ghz on a 955 on a weak MSI 880G that is probably a 3+1 phase.... I'm sure it is a VRM failure and not something else.

Try your 300W PSU with the mobo, it should be fine as long as you don't place a big load on it. If you find the PC does not turn on, try it again but without the 4-pin/8-pin connector plugged in. If it turns on (though it won't POST), you will have confirmed a VRM failure. And as I said, such an event can take out other components including the PSU. Alongside that there is a high chance that other parts may have been affected - including the CPU, RAM, or other important devices connected to the PSU that are vulnerable to over-voltage. Test accordingly.
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