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Sorry to disappoint, but recently my financial situation has been less than acceptable. I've been on the waiting list for a promotion at work, and although I got it, in the process all of my bills have fallen behind... I was hoping by the end of the month I'd have everything straightened out but it looks like the only way to do so is to part out my rig and, as such, I won't be folding for a while. I don't really have anything else that's capable of folding unless perhaps if I upgrade my HTPC, but that might even be on the chopping block next. So... I guess this is bye for now
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Sorry to hear that, hope you get everything straightened out. See you back here soon!
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Last thing I needed to see after being ticked at the economy all morning...

Hopefully it goes to a good home and when things straighten around for you, you can jump back in with something better.
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Folding hiatus aside, congrats on the promotion
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