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Originally Posted by turbocharged View Post
All I have ever owned are open back phones (granted this is the first pair that is really worth a damn), and these bleed much more than others that I have owned.

Also, my house is all wood flooring, so the sound carries very well, especially from my computer room. Combine that with the fact that my gf listens to tv at very low volumes and you get complaints.
fair enough
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I am actually going to go with the AD700's because they are probably some of the best gaming headphones out there, and they are known to sound very good on iPods... And I don't listen to my music as loud as most people, so I don't recon' it shouldn't leak as bad as some people say...
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but yea... if I could just have a list of all the recommended soundcards, because then I can see how much each of them are going for and you guys can tell me which one seems to be the best deal...
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ASUS Xonar Essence STX Best for music and certain games (that don't really utilize positional sound and/or don't require it to play the game optimally)
Creative Labs X-Fi Titanium HD Best for games (much better positional sound); Decent for music (better than the xonar for some genres)

Edit: and i wouldn't necessarily recommend buying them from newegg, you can find them cheaper on other sites and they also go on sale. I got my Titanium HD for like $109 a few weeks ago.

Edit2: Search on head-fi for you, tons of comparison threads between these

Edit3: Decent comparison, though i swear there was a legit review between the two somewhere on head-fi
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i am considering maybe going for the x-fi xtreme gamer as I can get it for dirt cheap... however there appears to be some variations... which one am I meant to be looking for?

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SB0790: This is ExtremeAudio, you don't want this one
SB0770: OEM version of the Xtreme Gamer that came from either a Dell, HP, or Alienware, hard to get drivers, not ideal.
SB0730: Not sure what this is exactly, appears to be a legit retail version though

Anyways, this is the one you want: the SB073A.
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